Operation Relocation


Hurrah!  The Sellars family has safely landed in N.Ireland, the home of Tayto crisps!!

We’re spending this half term week in Saintfield, Co Down.  We are staying with my aunt & uncle who have kindly let us invade their home on our previous trips here as visitors.

My dad (AKA Grumpy Dave) happens to be here this weekend too, so all three of them collected us from the airport, much to the boys’ delight.

Our arrival was well celebrated with a delicious monkey cake and some carefully chosen welcome gifts…including over 100 packs of Lego cards.  Cue a quiet afternoon for the grown ups as the boys did some serious unwrapping!

This first week is a funny kind of limbo for us.  Our house in Bicester will be sold on Monday, and it’ll be Friday before we move in to our new home…and then reality will set in.

There’s plenty to be getting on with in the meantime.  We need to get a car, sort school uniforms and shop for new-home-essentials (any recommendations on saucepans for an induction hob?? We come from a gas-hob household with copper bottomed pans!!).

It’s hard to unravel the tangle of emotions we’re all feeling, as you can image!  We’re excited about new opportunities (most, as yet, unknown); worried about practicalities; nervous about first day of school; eagerly anticipating stepping into our new home; and sad to be doing all this without the friends and family we’ve left behind in England.

But I will say, it’s great to be home.

irish blessing


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