Passing the baton

It’s a funny thing… after months of planning, waiting, and wondering if we’re doing the right thing*, we are (temporarily) homeless!

A fab family moved in to our Bicester house today, and we no longer call it home.

We have many fond memories there: of family birthdays & events; chaotic, lovely playdates; hilarious dinner/cheese/wine parties; cosy coffee mornings…

It’s a home where friendships were forged, sorrows were shared, plans were made, and joys were celebrated.

Throughout our time there we were blessed by having the space to be hospitable.  The outstanding Precision Kitchens transformed our living/dining space for us 2 years ago…and then offered me a job writing for them.

And so our beautiful home even generated a whole new career opportunity for me when I least expected it.  Schooldays

But it’s not the house we’re sad to have left.

It’s you: our friends, neighbours and family.  You were the life and soul of our home. Thank you for making memories there with us, they will last a lifetime.

Please join us in praying blesssings on the family who are now privileged to call it their home!


*more on this another time!

4 thoughts on “Passing the baton

  1. Delighted at the idea of a blog and can’t wait to follow your story as you start a new chapter of your life together! Much love from us


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