How do you recharge your batteries?

This is something we’re not good at these days.  I mean people generally, not just our family!

In autumn, I loved taking my coffee break looking out at our gorgeous sumac tree.  With each passing day the reds and oranges would be more vivid, and the sun lower in the sky.  That’s when I’d take a few minutes to reflect on the day, or gather myself before heading out on the school run.

Over the last few weeks, my ‘down time’ has been filled with move preparations.  You know the kind of things – phone calls, paperwork, house sorting, emails, research on schools & kids’ activities near our new home…

Now that we’re having a few days of rest with family, I realise that I haven’t been still for a while.  Recently thoughts and ideas have been flitting through my head without being captured and considered.  I’ve filled my time with busyness, when really I needed space to stop and listen.

Being able to do that in these few days is such a gift!  Refreshment is more than just food and drink (though I did enjoy those cheeses)…it’s about restoring our strength and enthusiasm.

Lesson learned – be intentional about rest.  Give it a go!

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