Marking time

We are thorouIMG_1718ghly enjoying the usual half-term activities: exploring the local soft play; clambering through the grounds of a gorgeous National Trust property; and having lots of ice cream and cake treats in between meals.  Note, it’s not raining!

And yet, there are constant reminders that we’re about to meet our new normal.

The purchase contracts are exchanged, our suitcases are packed once again, and the removals company are booked to unload tomorrow afternoon.

The boys have got their school bags and pencil cases, and tried on their uniforms ready for Monday. They’ve even been to check out our local swimming pool.

We’ve bought a car (living in the country we will need it!) and sorted saucepans for the induction hob…so we can have our favourite comfort food after the first day of school.

In the last few days I’ve had lovely emails and messages from friends, some with fab photos from daily life (everyone in the school run pics looking a mite too cheery without me), and a few with photos of cress.

These are special, these cress pics, because the seeds were planted at our leaving lunch in Oxford a fortnight ago.  I love that friends are thinking of us as they watch their seeds grow.

We’re very conscious of the passage of time just now, and are grateful for the support of our friends and family right from when this mad moving-country idea first germinated.

But here we are!  All the (im)patient waiting is almost over.  When this week ends, our ‘new’ begins…


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