Making a house our home

What does ‘home’ mean to you?Leaving home for the first day of school

I’m sure there’s truth in the saying ‘home is where the heart is’, and I’ve been thinking about that a lot this week.

My definition of home – in terms of the four walls in which we dwell – involves order, cleanliness, and calm.  I find rest only when there is absence of chaos…  Which is what motivates me to drag furniture around rooms (and back again), and unpack until the wee small hours!

Arriving in N.Ireland has brought a real sense of being ‘where my heart is‘.  We’ve been welcomed by friends, family and strangers alike.

A family friend from down the road stopped by on Saturday whilst out walking his dog; my cousins came that same evening with a hot dinner for us all; and a dear friend from school came last night with her children, a freshly baked wheaten bread, and an adjustable spanner!!

Others have visited too, in response to our Gumtree advert offering packing boxes…  They’ve all been generous in their welcome to the area, and their willingness to give us local advice and info.

Reflecting on this feeling of being home, I asked the Sellars boys how they’d explain to an alien what ‘home’ is.  They replied, in no particular order:

“Where I live.”
“It’s where I eat, sleep & hang out with my family (in that order).”
“It’s where you & I live.”

Funnily enough, they made no mention of needing to unblock the drains, vacuum the bedrooms one more time, or wrestle that bookcase up the stairs in order to feel at home.

So, we’ve taken a break from the sorting today.  Simon and I sampled some wonderful scones along with bottomless coffee this morning, did admin, organised our diaries and chatted.

This afternoon we went straight to the soft play from school, where the boys played and had their tea (and I shamelessly ate a huge plate of cheesey chips & used the free wifi to write this update!).

My point?  I’m learning to live with the mess in order to nurture our sense of home (but will be assembling the dining table this evening!).


*school post to come later in the week…but the boys had a good first day, thanks for all the lovely messages of support for them & us!*

9 thoughts on “Making a house our home

  1. Such a well written account of your meaning of ‘home’ and you are someone who truly is in control of her life, so organised. Well done Sarah, I miss you and your wisdom. Love to you all x

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  2. Love it! I learned a valuable lesson last week when I was in someone else’s home…someone who sat in her chair and relaxed in our company despite the slight mess and visible washing on the line when it was starting to drizzle and I silently berated myself for even noticing such things when she was so happy and content in her own home that it made me feel so much more welcome than if she had been rushing about trying to ‘make’ us feel more at home. I think home is a feeling, not a place or walls. Xx

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