School days

I know you’re mostly reading this for news of the boys and not to hear my views on life, so here’s the long awaited school update!

This was the first week back after half term.  The boys started at our local primary school on Monday, leaving us free to unpack and pester BT (who have still not managed to successfully process, never mind fulfil, our order for a phone line & internet….argh!).

Observations on the first week of school:

  • The mysterious house across the fields...We may be the only family who walk to school…it being in the country, most people come by car or school bus.  It gives us a chance to look around and speculate about what lies beyond the nearby fields whilst getting rather good at avoiding cow pats.
    Our current favourite ‘speedwalking to school’ song is ‘What’s that coming over the hill, is it a moo-cow, is it a moo-cow‘ though I pretend not to know the boys if they sing it whilst striding past the local farm with a huge cow barn as it sets off the actual moo-ing…
    I think we already have a reputation for being a bit nuts as we even walk in the rain; we’ve had several families kindly stop their cars to offer us a lift!
  • The boys are so different (I know, I should know this already).
  • Joel’s main concern is to a) find out who everyone is by name/family connection elsewhere in the school; b) find out what the rules are and stick to them; and c) learn the daily routine.  This means every day this week has been a ‘first day’ for him so it is a relief to now have a full week completed.
  • Luke’s main concern is to get stuck into the work.  He does not take kindly to being distracted, and is happy because class is interesting and his teachers are kind.  We hear almost nothing about other children.  However, I’ve lost count of the number of parents who’ve asked, ‘Are you Luke’s mum?‘, so obviously he’s making an impact on his classmates in some form!
  • There is a HUGE amount of homework for KS2 compared to what we’ve been used to.  This has been a challenge this week in terms of emotional stamina (for all involved!) as getting stuck into a pile of homework after a day of learning in a totally new environment is pretty exhausting.
  • KS1 finish at 2pm.  Eeeek.  I thought the school day was short before, but now there’s hardly time to switch on the computer/unpack a box/get a load of washing done before heading back down the hill to the school gate again!

Both boys are settling in and making friends.  They’ve expressed surprise that so many children/staff know their names, so it’s clear there’s been a warm welcome at school and for that we are extremely grateful.

We’ve been kept going at home this week by the constant flow of lovely cards, messages and treats from friends and family.  Thank you!

Almost at school!

3 thoughts on “School days

  1. Love the photos & the comments too.
    Glad the first week is complete for Joel. It should be a wee bit easier for all of you next week.
    See you Sunday.
    Love from us both,

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Yes, being a long wait for the news of the boys at school. Equally love your views on life. Can we have an update on Simon too please? xx


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