Sellars Legal

If you don’t care about law/GDPR/copyright…look away now!

You must be wondering what Simon’s up to?  I mean, you’ve heard how the boys are doing and had an insight into some of my thoughts on moving.


We wouldn’t be here without Simon Sellars himself, of course!

This past couple of weeks he’s been the driving force behind this logistics of this move.

He’s been the one calling solicitors, estate agents, mortgage company, removals company, home & car insurers, BT…ordering school uniform and a BT connection; shopping for IKEA essentials, food, soft furnishings; checking the meters so as to close and then open accounts with utilities providers, and (did I mention??) keeping on at BT who have still not provided us with a phone line (our intial installation date was 6 November, grrr).

In his spare time, he’s been dealing with the dozens of boxes and packing materials I’ve unpacked; selling off/giving away surplus domestic items; and indulging my obsessive drain (and general) cleaning habits whilst making delicious toasties for lunch to keep us going through the day.

And yesterday he officially become Simon Sellars of Sellars Legal.  Part of the reason for this move is to allow us to expand our work opportunities and to be more flexible around family life.

I’m already freelancing for some fantastic clients, for whom I work mostly from home.

With this new venture, Simon can do the same.  So (shameless plug, here), if you know of anyone on either side of the Irish Sea in need of advice on anything related to Intellectual Property, please recommend Sellars Legal.

Creatives, corporations and start-ups can all benefit from his experience in IP rights, privacy policies, GDPR generally (it’s a big deal, apparently!), and trade marks.

If you know him, you can’t fail to appreciate that he’s thorough and dilligent in his work, offering practical, no-nonsense suggestions to individuals and businesses alike.

I know, I have to live with him!

Photo 11-11-2018, 21 31 31
“Yes, make sure you get the CIPA Guide in there since I actually wrote some of it.” ~ Simon Sellars Nov 2018

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