Whirlwind Week

I could (justifiably) blame BT…but the reason for our silence has been work, so I won’t!

This week Simon has been getting Sellars Legal off the ground, celebrating his birthday, doing the school runs, making packed lunches, keeping the house in order, the cupboards stocked, and making a delicious slow cooker pulled pork for our dinner guests on Friday.

Photo 15-11-2018, 21 55 35.jpg
My hosts know me well…

Meantime, I flew back to Oxfordshire for the week.

Sleeping and working in Oxford, waiting in the familiar traffic jams, and spending time with a couple of friends & family, I felt a tug on those (iron) heartstrings.

We have deep roots in that place and love a lot of people there.

Yet, as I parked across the street from our old house one evening, I felt a sense of peace. The warm glow from the windows was a timely reminder that it has a new lease of life.

When you reflect on decisions you make in life, how do you evaluate them? What makes a decision a good one?

One of the lovely Make Today Beautiful prints which we have in our home!

This house move has been (still is!) a big deal.

We have sought advice and guidance; pushed doors to see if they’ll open; waited; got impatient; and said our goodbyes.

Our decision may have been well considered in advance. But the important stuff comes now as we live it out.

That means loving those we’ve left behind and those we haven’t yet met.

It means embracing the changes we face together, and being open to new challenges.

As we evaluate our decisions, perhaps we ought to think about how we live in light of them, and how we impact others.

birthday morning!
In case you’re worried about Simon… the boys did a great job of celebrating his birthday and beating him at bowling. They love having his undivided attention!


3 thoughts on “Whirlwind Week

  1. Dearest All Your blogs had got diverted to junk mail (along with a load of other important stuff! Help!) but that does not in any way mean you have moved th in tray of our hearts. We think of you often and love to hear your news, wonderfully and eloquently expressed. We saw Doug and .emma last night who gave us a quick up date and it does all sound good, apart from the bt bit! Hard work for you all but obviously being tackled with the normal it will work sellers attitude! All is good with us. Florence such a joy giver! It was ou birthdays I. The last two weeks too, we went to Bohemian Rhapsody and absolutely loved it! Be sure of our prayers and remind Simon I still reckon a selectively issued short prayer letter might keep us on track for you all. No great prose, just requests and thanks Our love to your parents if in touch and hugs all round Anne. Xxxxx

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