Counting our blessings!

Where are the days going!?!

We’ve had a week of school, homework, conferences, work, networking, and lots of early nights in an attempt to stave off threatening colds and coughs…bar one evening spent in town drinking hot chocolate, eating cheesey chips and watching the Christmas Light parade with the switching on of the Christmas Lights.

Our weekend has, therefore, been spent in recovery!  Hillsborough Lake

A much needed family day yesterday, involving soup and toasties for lunch, followed by a wander around Hillsborough Lake.  This beautiful village near us boasts the official Northern Ireland residence of H.M. The Queen.

When I was little, visits to Hillsborough always included a trip to The Cheshire Cat.  It’s a treasure trove for kids, full of little toys and games, trinkets, pens, notebooks and lots of festive gifts.  All of which are beautifully arranged on glass shelves so, I now appreciate, a total nightmare for parents of small boys.  The rocking horse was still there, though, just as I remembered, right inside the door!

Today we hosted family and friends who hadn’t yet visited…an opportunity finally to return some of the generous hospitality we have received from them during our years as visitors here!

As we sit down and appreciate the restoration brought by a gentle weekend, with the soundtrack of the dishwasher in the background (a sign of a good day’s eating!), I’m grateful we’re not having Sunday night blues.

They’d move back to England in a heartbeat, but it’s great that the boys love their new school. Joel is proud to be taking part in open night tomorrow and Luke is unable to finish his lunch these days ‘because I had to chat to all the people who came to sit with me, so I ran out of time‘.

Simon and I miss it too.  But work is busy and there’s such a lot to cram in to school hours.  We’ve been enormously encouraged by a positive start for Sellars Legal, and by several unprompted conversations with friends and a stranger (at the lake!) in the last few days.

In the week ahead, our challenge is to choose carefully how we act and speak.  To one another, to the kids, to people we know and people we meet.

How can we best love our community…


…especially when they come downstairs after bedtime, having tattooed their arms???!

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