How Now Brown Cow

…or ‘hoi noi broin coi’, if you’re not of N.Irish persuasion and need some help with your pronounciation.

I know, I’m posting twice in so many days!  But the opportunity to give this title to a blog may not arise again, so, carpe diem.

There I was relaxing in my favourite window seat this morning with my notebook and a cuppa (while Simon did the school run!) contemplating the day ahead.

Suddenly he came up the drive at quite a pace and burst in to the house to announce that there was an escaped cow in our neighbour’s garden…

After considering whether it was best to rescue the animal, or the garden, or get on with buying a garden gate immediately…he went off to locate the cow and its farmer.  He found it running off down the road, and the neighbours explained that no one seems to have contact details for that particular farmer and the escaping cow situation is a pretty regular event…

#schoolrundrama #gladIstayedathome


PS if you want to see a photo of the actual cow, I think you have to read this in a browser…sorry to my email fans!!

5 thoughts on “How Now Brown Cow

      1. Your will get used to such events. I remember my mother being puzzled by how to react to finding a cow on one of the narrow gravel paths that crisscrossed a steep rockery that formed paŕt of our garden. She was afraid that if she frightened it, it would try to run and break a leg. Eventually, it wandered out, leaving a few cowpats!


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