It’s been a delight to welcome family from both sides of our household at either end of this busy week, so this blog is all update and no pontificating!!

We had the McMillan parents here last weekend, as well as some dear friends from Oxford who were passing through.  The boys were so excited to show them all round the house, celebrate Dot’s birthday and introduce their grandparents to the school run.  Apparently Dot was instantly recognised by Luke’s teacher as being my mum.  How on earth she worked that out is beyond me…

North Parade, Oxford
North Parade, Oxford

I sneaked off for another conference in England during the week (excellent medico-legal geekery!) and had the pleasure of staying with my wee sister to make the commute to Oxford on the S5 for a couple of days.

Just like old times!!

Imagine my delight, though, returning from my last trip of 2018 to a Christmassy house: featuring Knitivity #2 and the Christmas Tree!

This weekend we welcomed Simon’s brother and his family to Northern Ireland for their first visit.  Aside from the opportunity to spend time together, and wonder at the ease with which the cousins picked up where they left off, it was a great excuse to do some more exploring!

A rainy* Saturday was not at all conducive to the outdoors, so we decided to visit Dippy The Dinosaur at the Ulster Museum!  Boys and dinosaurs…

Sunday was chilly, but dry, hurrah!  So we made for Strangford Lough, and took the ferry across to Exploris.  We were impressed by their conservation work, the Seal Sanctuary, and the fab activities for children!

Having spent a morning ‘underwater’, we headed to Castle Ward for a National Trust walk to blow away the cobwebs – with a cuppa and some delicious treats too of course.

After an early morning goodbye, it seemed like a good idea to update the Knitivity to #3…and watch the sunrise as the boys set off for school.  Another week is underway!


*I don’t mean a few spots of rain.  I mean absolutely lashing, the kind of rain that bounces back up off the ground so you are truly drenched!

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