It’s Chriiiiiiistmas….!

We live with a little chatterbox.  I don’t know where he gets it from (my parents may tell you it is retribution for my own childhood chatter…but you can’t believe everything they say).

From the moment he wakes, til the moment he finally drifts off to sleep, he keeps up a constant narrative to his day.  Sometimes it’s in song, sometimes he’s recounting the stories he’s living out, sometimes he’s just giving a running commentary of what his hands or feet are doing as he crafts and plays.

Luke washes the fenceJoel is poorly this Christmas Eve, and Luke has been hanging out with us. He was drafted in to help wash the algae off the fence.  Obviously, we just don’t measure up in terms of entertaining company, although we are better losers when it comes to party games… Which is just as well.  Today Simon introduced him to Cockroach Poker and Luke wiped the floor with him!!

This Christmas Eve, we’re having a guest interview with Luke.  It’ll direct his chat, and maybe keep him out of mischief for a wee while (and hopefully do the same for his pet reindeer who, he has just announced, is doing a poo on the floor).

1. Luke, what’s special about Christmas?

That Jesus bees born.  He’s a new King and he is the Saviour. 

Luke loves lego.png2. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Presents.  Santa’s presents.  I like the things that Santa brings me because they are always fun.

3. Do you think Santa will know you live here?

Yes.  He can see because he’s in the North Pole, and did you know robins are spies for Santa.  And we’ve had lots of robins in the garden, so they can fly back up to the North Pole and say ‘Santa, the Sellarses have moved house to N.Ireland’.

4. How are you feeling about your first Christmas in N.Ireland?

Good – because we have more space to open our presents.  And we’ve had great presents in our Advent calendars, like a jigsaw puzzle made out of rubbers.  *Croak*


I’m a bullfrog.  That was a croak.

5. What do you think about living here?

I like it because Jumping Jacks and Funtastic are here.  They are soft plays.  I like the slides and all the play equipment in the soft plays.  And I have lots of new friends.

6. How would you describe your new school?

I would describe it as big.  It’s called Ballycarrickmaddy.  It has a big playground and a pirate ship.  It has play equipment in a separate park.  If you be really naughty you go to Mr Spratt, and if you do something really really good you also go to Mr Spratt to show him.  I finished my nativity story before everyone else so after break I went to Mr Spratt and showed him what I had done  He put a thumbs up sticker at the back of my book and I got a bumble bee sticker to wear.

7. Do you have a special message for all our friends who read this blog?

I miss them because all of them are my friends and family.  Tell them Merry Christmas!Christmas PJs


4 thoughts on “It’s Chriiiiiiistmas….!

  1. We miss you Sellers one and all, but Happy Christmas! Are the boys sounding like locals yet? Enjoy the festive season. Lots of love. Sarah Peter James and Hannah. Xxx


  2. Wow! What a wonderful blog! I just love all those great answers Luke. Hope Joel was well enough to enjoy Christmas Day. Can‘t wait to come and see you and explore that amazing garden


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