Fancy a cuppa & a catch up?

Well, hello!  It’s been a while, so how about a cuppa and a catch up?

Gooey Looey

Luke and I are playing Gooey Looey*, so you’ll have to bear with me if I shriek when the brain pops out…

Aside from a quick trip to the GP with Joel on Christmas morning**, we had a gentle day.  The weather was lovely so we had a BBQ for lunch, with all the usual trimmings, of course!

It wouldn’t be Christmas Day without some sort of culinary drama, would it?  When I removed the greaseproof paper from the chocolate pavlova, and the outside layer of meringue with it, we almost had #BakeOffBinGateTakeTwo.  But Simon rescued it from the garage, where I flung it in a fury, added cream and raspberries, and created ‘Rescue Roulade’.  A new family tradition?!

It occurs to me now that I don’t think we posted the final Knitivity pic, oops.  Here’s the whole series.  Now they are wrapped up and in the Christmas box, waiting for next year to come around.  323 days til Advent, if you’re counting down (SB!!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Between Christmas and New Year we made the most of the good weather.  Climbing trees in our garden, climbing trees in National Trust gardens, climbing over rocks by Strangford Lough – lots of fresh air!!

We made a quick trip back to Bicestershire after New Year.  It was fab to see lots of our school friends for a mass playdate while we were there.  The boys had been looking forward to it and it was so good to spend time with friends who know us well.  Thank you for making the effort to join us and for bringing snacks and toys so we didn’t have to!

Ready to welcome our friends!
Ready to welcome our friends!

School term is now underway, of course, and we’re getting back into it*** (now there are so many asterisks it just looks like I’m saying something rude.  I’m not!).

We didn’t make any extra-curricular commitments last term, to give us a bit of space to adjust to the new home, school and work routines.  That, in itself, was a gift!  Before we left England we’d started to feel the pressure of a number of commitments, and down time was pretty rare.  Having the opportunity to catch up with ourselves, watch a lot of Suits and enjoy reading books again has been great!

How about you?  I hope your Christmas and New Year brought some rest and relaxation, and included some special moments that you can look back on fondly.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me over a cuppa.  Now I’m off to enjoy some pizza for tea and then it’s time to make some headway into these:

Photo 12-01-2019, 16 29 45.jpg



*If you’ve never played this, don’t.
**tonsillitis. After a few days in bed, he was much better!
***except for Joel, who has been poorly again – but we’re hoping he’ll be back in action by Monday.

6 thoughts on “Fancy a cuppa & a catch up?

  1. It is such a joy, and a laugh, and so interesting to r end your blog Sarah. Thanks for taking the time to share. Christmas for us was quiet. Good to see family and it included lots of fresh air and dog walks! ☺


  2. We have watched all of the Great Britsh Bake-Off at our house. Oliver likes it, so we’d often choose it on Netflix and watch as our last thing before Oliver heads to bed. Anyway, a lot of times when they are saying the names of the dishes and the flavorings and the toppings and the “whatever,” I realize that my brain does not know what those words even mean! I know “cake,” “cookie,” bars,” “ice cream,” “pie,” “pudding.” So, ultimately, I’m listening but not really understanding — kind of like I’m in a foreign country, I guess. So, my point here is that, in having watched the GBBO, I at least recognize the words “pavlova” and “roulade.” Old dogs CAN learn new tricks! Hey, if you have a link for that er, um…dessert, could you pass it on to me on FB? Chocolate pavlova…. who’d of thunk it?


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