More half-term antics!

This morning we were back to early rising, walking to school, and getting back into work* at our desks in the Sellars’s office.

The holiday week flew by, as half terms do, but that’s mainly because it has been jam packed.  After our first visitors left, we spent a very pleasant Thursday evening eating out at Balloo House.  On Friday morning we ventured to Montalto Estate to blow away the cobwebs!

We haven’t been here before and we were not disappointed.  There’s a massive woodland play area for children, built into a hill not far from the entrance area.  Very wisely, there is a coffee cart right there, so the grown ups trying to keep warm in the windy weather can clutch a cup of something hot!

The remainer of our Friday was spent unpacking food shopping and making up the beds for our next visitors…hurrah!!

A quick trip to the airport under cover of darkness, and I was back home with two more of my great friends from Oxfordshire.  These women have provided me with wise counsel, support and laughter for the past 14 years or so, and I’m very glad that they are friends with one another independently of me – not least because it means they chose to visit together.  Happy days!

Neither of them have been here before so, you’ve guessed it, we absolutely had to make a trip to the Giant’s Causeway.

This time, however, the weather was on our side.  So afterwards, we went to my all time favourite place on earth: JohnLewis Castle**.  Second to none, especially if you like coastlines and ruins.

Hatbox flowers by DitsyFloralDesign

We arrived home rather windswept, to the smell of pulled pork wafting from the slow cooker in the kitchen.

Dinner, with another dear*** friend joining us too, was delightful…not least because she brought dessert as well as some beautiful flowers for the table.  Thanks Ditsy Floral Design!

Our Sunday was a much more laid back affair, with a wee walk to my nearest postbox (there is indeed one at the end of our road).  And then they were gone!

Photo 14-01-2019, 08 57 52.jpg

It’s such a gift to have friendships like those we were blessed by during this half term holiday.

With each one we’ve been able to pick up where we left off, share our troubles and joys, and plan for future visits too!

We miss our Oxford and Bicester visitors, but are enriched for having had time with you this past week.

Thank you!


*drinking tea
**in-joke.  It is actually called Dunluce Castle, but my English friends no longer understand me and misheard what I said.

***I can’t say ‘old’ as she will not be amused.  But we have been friends for decades…

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