It’s a beautiful day…

…the sun IS shining!

You already know why Ireland is so green, right?  It rains a LOT.  In fact, we’d broken our own March rainfall record here by 18th March, with 152mm of rain falling by then.  Urgh.

Ever the optimist (or, in denial), I decided Thursday was the day to rescue the outdoor furniture from the garage, wash it down and set it up.

Photo 23-03-2019, 18 59 07_1000x880And, what do you know, it’s been in use every day since.  Hoodies and hot water bottles are recommended, but I reckon you can’t beat enjoying a cup of tea in the fresh air and sunshine, or eating your dinner in the fading light.

It seems Luke feels the same about being outdoors.  This morning I was jolted into awakeness shortly after 7am by the sound of the front door closing.  I sat up to see sunshine peeking through the blinds, and Simon fast asleep.  I went into Joel’s room – fast asleep.  Rushed into Luke’s room – empty.  Looked over the banisters – curtains closed across the front door.  Odd.  Perhaps I’d imagined it.

Calling for Luke, I went downstairs and opened the kitchen curtains – to be greeted by Luke, cosy in his pjs and coat, standing in the garden.

Me: Luke! What are you doing out there?
Luke: I wanted to go outside, it’s really sunny.  But it’s cold…will you come and play with me.

Photo 24-03-2019, 07 43 49_1000x750Urgh again.

So, armed with tea and hot chocolate, we sat and chatted in the sunshine and used the FlightTracker app to identify the planes flying overhead.  Some had just taken off from Belfast International* and others, much higher in the sky, were approaching the end of their long haul from Canada or USA, heading for London, Frankfurt or Paris.

Photo 24-03-2019, 08 28 12_1000x750I must admit it was chilly, so we decided to keep warm with a game of football.  It involved much giggling as we ran up and down the garden, which woke Joel.

He joined us just in time for the end of match treats…This provided some much needed sustenance for the next task of the day, den building.

While they’re busy collecting sticks and creating structures, I’m sitting in my new favourite spot watching the coal tits and robin flitting in and out of the hedge, having ANOTHER cup of tea (courtesy of Simon!), and telling you that spring has sprung.  The sun is warm, the breeze is fresh, and it’s a beautiful day.

*it’s only 20 mins away…handy for our visitors!

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