New term, new routines… new plate*!

Back to school!Can you believe it’s the new term already!?

At the end of June we were delighted to finish the school year with weeks off stretching ahead, full of plans for time away and for hosting friends.

We crammed in as much as we could and are still standing, just about!

The boys were excited to head off to see their school friends this morning.  Joel now goes in the main doors of school with the other older classes, and Luke doesn’t seem fazed about having to go in alone.

They are back for just a half day today and tomorrow.  It’s not that convenient for parents, as you can imagine, but it makes total sense for the kids.  Getting back into routine can be tricky for everyone, so we’re glad of a few gentle days for them (& us!) before term starts in earnest on Monday.

This house has been a total blessing for us this summer.  I have been heard to say this, once or twice**.

The boys have spent days entertaining themselves while we’ve been working.  Climbing trees, playing make believe, wearing high-vis vests to greet the neighbours and attempting to sell fruit juice to passing cars, doing every jigsaw in the house, reading most of Lisburn Library’s kids’ section, and eating a LOT!!

Clambering over the shoes to get in and out of the downstairs loo has become second nature to us now too.  Visits from lots of friends with children has meant hours spent outside playing football, making dens, racing around on the bikes, scooters and ride-ons…only coming in and kicking the shoes off for a freeze pop, a quick wee, or movie night and pizza!

Oh, and on quieter days we*** like checking the FlightRadar24 app to find out where the planes overhead are going.  I like this activity best because it can be done from the comfort of a garden chair with cuppa in (the other) hand…

Flight path

Anyway, we’re getting back into routine.  As you can imagine, it’s made way more enjoyable by the new tractor on the school run, and the discovery that the blackberries in the hedgerows are ripe for eating!



*This cheese plate arrived as a gift today. We shall keep it ‘nice’ til the weekend, when it will be used to serve cheese to our fromage-friendly guests!!
**per day.  Every day.
***Simon would like to make it clear he is not involved in this activity.

2 thoughts on “New term, new routines… new plate*!

  1. That means you have been here for over a year now Sarah – time just seems to be flying by. Great to see the boys growing and developing.


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