Two lovely things happened…

1. 10 years ago, we got married (twice).

After the ‘legal’ bit, which took place the day before the church ceremony, we celebrated with dinner at Chiang Mai Kitchen in Oxford city centre.

We chose this Thai restaurant because we’d been on a date there early in our relationship …and many times since!  It’s in a characterful, creaky listed building, first built in the 17th century, and is renowned for outstanding food.


2. This week I asked my friend to recommend a Thai restaurant in Belfast where we could celebrate our anniversary.  She suggested Bo Street Kitchen, so we went.  And look what it says on the menu:

bo street menu

The couple who set up Chiang Mai Kitchen, Oxford are the same people who have set up Bo Street Kitchen, Belfast*.  What are the chances!?

And, yes, the food is fantastic!

Photo 24-10-2019, 19 12 36 (1)



* You can read more about it in this recent FT review.

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