Ho-ho, we’re in trouble…

Santa’s now all gone and it’s burst our bubble.

We’ve had our fair share of dry runs at this conversation, but I still wasn’t prepared for Luke storming into the dining room (where we were enjoying coffee & this epic cake to celebrate Dad’s birthday) brandishing a tiny, well packed bag of soot-smeared notes to Santa from past years, shouting, ‘Youse are busted!’

As he opened the bag and started pulling out gifts he’d painstakingly wrapped for Santa*; notes he’d written; maps Joel drew of how to get to the bathroom from the hearth**…realisation dawned.

He asked why I had this bag hidden at the back of my wardrobe, behind the jewellery and summer clothes. Ignoring the fact that he had been investigating in my wardrobe, behind the jewellery and summer clothes, I was left scrabbling for words whilst giggling into my hoodie. Simon explained, ‘We picked them up and kept them because we think you might like to look at them when you are older.’

‘That’s a load of baloney’, Luke retorted. ‘And I’ve had my suspicions about Santa for some time now. I mean, how can he posssibly have known it was Ribena we left out for him at Christmas? The way mum makes it, it tastes just like water, so it must have been her who wrote the letter from Santa.’

And off he went to report back to Joel. We eagerly wait the next instalment of our interrogation. #EasterBunnyDelusion? #ToothFairyFables?

If there’s one positive thing I can report about this term, it is that the food has been good! For Mother’s Day we enjoyed a superb afternoon tea, courtesy of a local restaurant, beautifully served on Granny McConkey’s best china. Tea and treats definitely taste finer this way!

I’ve received more than my fair share of creme eggs and cheese this past few weeks too, and I am not complaining. Certainly not now that Simon has perfected these epic creme egg rocky roads. There’s a reason I’m slower every time I go for a jog!!

And finally, to reassure you that I have ventured further than the dining table this year, here are some pics of our new project***!

Behind our house is an awesome field – home to buzzards, a hare, acrobatic squirrels, all sorts of beautiful wee birds, and no doubt plenty of mice and other animals we never get to see.

A very little portion of it is now available for us to make our own, so we’ve been enjoying weekends outdoors whatever the weather – clearing brambles, excavating mysterious mounds, and building a ‘hot compost’ heap. I say we. It’s mostly been Simon and Dad doing all the hard work, while I try and bring our weed-filled flower beds and pots elsewhere back under control!

In the midst of all the chaos, we’ve come through another term of homeschooling and are relieved that the boys returned to school last week. It’s great to have a fortnight off for Easter already, as everyone is exhausted, but they were glad to be back in the company of their friends and proper teachers once again.

So now, with a most un-spring like gale blowing outside, it remains only for me to say goodnight. And don’t forget to change the clocks before you go to bed!

* Mostly ‘spare’ Christmas hats in case Santa’s hat gets covered in soot and he needs a fresh one
**Those who have read ‘Father Christmas Needs A Wee’ will know why…
*** All landscaping suggestions welcome!

3 thoughts on “Ho-ho, we’re in trouble…

  1. I’m not sure whether to be reassured that you are obviously not as deeply deceptive and convincing as I like to think I managed to be, or disappointed. But it sounds like Luke took it in his stride and I think that’s a mark of being half Sellars and half McMillan, robust and very difficult to trick!

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