At’s us nai!

You need to say it in a N Irish accent. Because the phrase ‘that is us now‘ uttered in received pronounciation wouldn’t have quite the same triumphant ring to it!

It’s commonly used here as a declaration of completion.

Running the Belfast Marathon on 1 May was amazing – a massive challenge which was made heaps easier by the support of family, friends and total strangers! Everyone who told me they’d come on the day turned up to do exactly that, and some even braved appalling FlyBe delays to spend the day popping up around the course to cheer me on.

The spectators were superb. They clapped and shouted encouragement, and I could not believe how many people were willing to stand outside in the drizzle and share their energy with the runners! Community groups and churches had music playing, activities for families, and lots of drinks and snacks to hand out.

It was pretty challenging to run the whole distance, but I did it*! In mile 25 I was desperate to stop but Luke had promised to sponsor me £1 for every mile I ran, providing I didn’t walk…so that gave me a good reason to keep going**.

Thank you so much for helping me to raise over four thousand pounds (+ Gift Aid) for the N.I. Air Ambulance. Their helicopter emergency medical service is part funded by the NHS, which covers salaries and medicines. But the charity needs to raise money to keep the helicopter flying, to the tune of £5,500 per day. This pilot, trauma doctor and paramedic team save lives every single day, bringing their expert medical skills to the scene to treat and stabilise the patient before they are transferred to hospital.

I took on this marathon challenge to raise enough money to keep the Air Ambulance going for a single day because I know even that will have a positive impact on one person, one family, one community…

So, if you haven’t already sponsored me, and you would be happy to spare a quid or two in recognition of my efforts for this charity, I would be so grateful. Every single penny will be well used and will make a difference to someone’s life.


Well, yes. I practically fell out of the car when we got back from the race. So it was an absolute gift to have Bank Holiday Monday to recover! We spent some time walking around the beach and dunes at Murlough nature reserve the next day. The boys had a great time…can you spot Luke?

That’s the end of the self centred blogs, and thank you for bearing with me!

It’ll be back to ‘reasons to visit NI’ after this… The Sellars guesthouse is open again and, with lots of visitors expected over the next few months, we are looking forward to getting back on the tourist trail!

*Full disclosure – I wasn’t running when I was queueing for the loo at mile 9…
**Is it exploiting my 9 year old’s generosity if it is to benefit a worthy cause?!

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